No more need for gas shields! Flux core welders are simple but very useful tools that make welding all kinds of metals a very easy task. It creates a new and exciting world for both beginners and experts in the field. The best flux core welder is the most suitable for beginners who are just exploring the field of welding. It’s easier to use and learn with. Within a short time, you can start welding your metals, and with constant practice, you can be a pro in it.

When compared to other types, a flux core welder works faster. You can weld small pieces of metals together in less time with this machine.

Some are for multipurpose use and some others are specifically for wire feed welding.

A flux core welder is like an automatic welder that uses a continuously fed flux core generally used in welding. This makes welding an easier task to do, with this you can get more welding jobs done fast and comfortably. In this buying guide, you’ll see a list of the best flux core welder that have all the aforementioned features and are most durable. We have taken time to research about many and have come up with this reliable 6, they are of good quality and from reputable brands, you can choose to buy any of them.

You may be uncertain about choosing a product as an amateur, and as a professional, probably because there are varieties of brands and models that are out there, you are not sure of the one with the right specifications and features that are most beneficial for your welding works.

  • The best flux core welder welds clean without any trace of oxidation or pollutants.
  • It strictly keeps oxygen off the whole process. In the process of welding with MIG with no flux core, a passive gas is supplied with a hose, the gas will constantly flow around the metal electrode, preventing oxygen from getting to the weld. But if you’re in the open, welding when the breeze blows, the protecting passive gas can be blown off and this will leave your weld vulnerable.
  • The invention of the flux core welder has helped in so many ways to prevent this, in this case, welding wire with an opening is filled with a flux mixture.
  • The flux core wire and the gas shield performs the same function, the major difference is that with the flux core, your welds are protected from the breeze. With it, you can work anywhere and you’ll be safe.

Note that, most MIG machines can work with flux core, so if you already possess  MIG, you can run your flux core with it.

Comparison Table Of Best Flux Core Welder In 2021:

Basic tips

  • Before you choose your flux core welder, you must consider the thickness of the metals you’ll be welding, this will help prevent any barriers to your welding.
  • For metals that are no thicker than 1/4 inches thick, all you’ll need is a flux core welder with 130-140 amps power output.
  • Thicker metals up to 3/8 inches will require a welder with 200 amps power output.
  • A welder with an input power source of 120 volts will deliver a maximum of 140 amps which is enough power to get through steel materials of up to 1/4 inches.
  • 240-powered flux core welder will weld very thick metals for pipe fence, trailer frames, etc. Some dual input welders run on 120 and 240 volts, this will be effective on thin metals and will also work well with thick metals.

Important features of the flux core welder

Duty Cycle

It is important to know the duty cycle of a flux core machine before you purchase, this will let you know how long you can use it before you rest and restart again. A welder with a duty cycle of 40% will weld 4 minutes before you take a break. Anyone with a higher duty cycle will surely have a higher output range.

Weight and size

The best MIG flux core welderwill be portable in size, this is because they are mostly used for smaller welding projects that basically, a bigger welder will not be resourceful for. Therefore most are designed compact and are lightweight for easy usage.

Wire weld and thickness

You need to know that the welding wire you’ll be using must be similar to the metal you intend to weld, so ensure you check the thickness of the wire with the welder to know if they are compatible.

Know that with a thicker metal, your welder will require a longer cable while a thinner one will require a smaller cable.


The best flux core welder must have all essential controls needed to properly handle the machine, whether it’s for basic usage by non-professionals or it’s an advanced model for experts. These controls include the output change unit, adjustable dials, flux core feed rate etc.

SUPER DEAL PRO Automatic Feed Welder


1 SUPER DEAL PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC Flux Core

SUPER DEAL PR0 MIG130 Flux Core Welder is very instrumental for beginners welding activities. Moulded carefully with durable PVC material, it has an ergonomic grip for the best performance.

Accurately operation, make welding a very simple task to do. The wired core continuously self-releases inert metal throughout the process of welding, preventing oxidation on the parts being welded. Set up is made extremely easy with advanced clear options indicated on the welder.

Just pull it out and start welding even if you are a novice, just make sure to read and follow the written guidelines that come with it.

This device comes with buttons for adjusting the current flow, you can easily control the speed at which the flux is fed through. Also, there are 10 different levels of wire feeding speed, this can be adjusted according to individual choices.

Portable design with powerful impact, the best for thin and stainless steel. Included with this package are other equipment needed for weldings such as a face shield, brush/chipping hammer, touch, 2 additional chips and a ground cord.

Pre-installed thermal protection unit for long-lasting performance.

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Out of 100

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  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable PVC welder
  • Great precision
  • Ergonomic grip for easy handling
  • Speed control buttons
  • Easy operation
  • Comes with every other needed item for welding
  • Thermal protection unit
  • Self-releasing inert gas to prevent oxidation


  • The face shield provided isn’t durable, you may need to purchase a better one

Display4top Portable MIG 130 Plus Welder


2 Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Plus Welder

You wouldn’t be making any mistake with the purchase of thIs MIG flux core welder that automatically feeds the welding parts of your metals with antioxidant gas.

This is most suitable for all users, whether you are a newbie or an experienced welder, this machine makes your work less tedious and accurate.

The best gasless welder for carbon steel, aluminium metals and stainless steel. Sturdily built with durable heavy-duty stainless steel material for the best output. Self-protects from overloading, installed cooling fan to prevent over-heating and damages, DC inverter prevents voltage irregularities.

This is a very good choice of flux core welder with a duty cycle of 35% that is, you can work non-stop for up to 3 and half minutes non-stop before breaking.

Compact design with a strong body, can be easily transported from one place to the other. Shuts off automatically when voltage and current are not in conformity with the welder.

Ergonomic handle for easy handling and movement. Comes with all accessories needed to start welding once you bring it out of the pack.

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Out of 100

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  • Automatic flux core gasless welder
  • Sturdy stainless steel body with ergonomic handle
  • DC inverter to prevent voltage and current irregularities
  • 35% duty cycle, a long time before the need to break
  • Thermal cooling fan
  • Affordable quality product
  • Suitable for both experienced and beginner welder
  • Comes with other needed accessories


  • Instructional Manual not simplified for beginners
  • Non-durable mask

LOTOS MIG140 Wire Welder

Brand: Fiskars

3 LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder

LOTOS MIG 140 is one of the best flux core welders you can order for and will be satisfied with its works. A very efficient welding tool, suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminium, thin steel and other simple metals.

With an upgraded version with a reliable aluminium feeder, you’ll have a fun-filled experience and the time you spent welding will be worthwhile.

Convenient usage with the supply of flux through the wire feeder. A transformer technology that will enable you to connect this machine with a 110V wall outlet, set up is quick and easy.

The welder is designed with a ground cable quick connector to easily switch between +/-. With the precision full adjustment drive system with a 2T/4T switch(manual/semi-auto) with these options, you can be able to rest your fingers intermittently.

Digital display showing the wire speed prevent wire from tangling and breaking. It can handle with great precision 4″ and 8″ wire spools,  protects the welder from overload with a pre-installed thermal overload unit.

A great welder recommended for all beginners, a handy tool for the experienced. Affordable products with blends of quality materials for the most gratifying welding experience.

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Out of 100

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  • Upgraded aluminium feeder
  • Fast and easy to weld with
  • Prevents overload
  • Double switch; manual and semi-auto
  • 4″ and 8″ wire spools
  • Connects easily to pre-existing 110V outlet
  • Comes with a ground cable quick connector
  • Practical tool for beginners and professionals


  • Non-detailed instructional guide



4 TOOLIOM 200A MIG Welder

The TOOLIOM 3 in 1 200A MIG Welder is super effective for welding metals whether you are a professional or not. A new automated flux core metal by an upcoming reputable brand that produces quality tools for the best performance.

This multifunctional welding machine can be connected with MMA, Flux MIG, gas MIG and lift MIG. With a maximum output current of 200A, this machine is capable of welding thicker plates, up to 5/32 inches.

Strong enough to apply 2 and 10 pounds swivelling wire. Recommended for beginner welders that want a simple tool they can easily weld with no difficulty.

Lightweight, very easy to transport from place to place, works efficiently for professionals when they are not able to take their big welders out to work outside the workshop. Very affordable welder with added values, you will be amazed at how low the price is compared to its abilities and functions.

Automated current and voltage regulators for long-lasting performance of the device. You get to choose the required welding methods based on the type of materials you’re welding.

This appliance is constructed with a cooling fan to disseminate heat evenly, keeping it from overheating.

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Out of 100

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  • A simplified welder for beginners
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Multifunctional
  • Automated current and voltage regulators
  • 200A maximum current output
  • Convenient handling
  • Affordable
  • Handy tool for professionals
  • Prevents overheating and overloading


  • Voltage value not displayed
  • The wire leads that with it are too short

Reboot MIG Welder

Brand: OLFA

5 Reboot MIG Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic

A gasless flux core welder by Reboot. This MIG welder is suitable for the new and experienced welder that are looking into buying a new welder for their steelworks. Multifunctional welding machine, for your gas/gasless welding, MIG, Stick, Lift TIG, Stick welding etc.

Works continuously non-stop when used with a power output of 84A and 4 minutes per time with an output of 140A. Welders with great precision even if you are an amateur, you will easily handle this machine after just a few trials.

The optional TIG mode requires a torch and is not included with the package, you’ll need to buy it separately if you want to use it as TIG. Works very well with 2-10 pounds flux core and solid wires, depending on the requirement which is dependent on the thickness of metals.

Automated current and voltage control. So, when working and the current changes or required to be changed, the voltage too automatically changes.

A very useful tool for metal fabrication, maintenance and repairs by DIYs and other users. An energy-conservative device, uses less power while performing efficiently and effectively than others that use more energy.

This welder comes with 3 years manufacturers defect warranty, it sure is a guaranteed product, you will in no little way get the value for the money spent in purchasing this welder.

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Out of 100

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  • Multifunctional gas/gasless welder
  • Automatic flux feeding
  • Energy saving
  • Beginner simplified flux core welder
  • Automatic current and voltage regulator
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Affordable quality product
  • Welders with great precision


  • Instruction manual not well prepared for beginner users
  • Torch for TIG mode needs to be purchased separately


Brand: Olfa

6 KICKINGHORSE F130 UL-Certified Flux Core Gasless

The last on our list of best flux core welder is the KICKINGHORSE FI30 UL-Certified. This is agasless welding machine that allows you to fine-tune the voltage supply continuously as you weld, unlike some others that are transformer based.

With this, you can control the weld puddle in ways that suits you. It reduces spatters, ripples and spikes, giving you the utmost performance you can expect from a welder.

Also, you’ll have maximum control of the welding arc with the adjustable voltage regulator, this will help you get your desired outcome.

Portable design, with an adjustable shoulder strap, it can easily be transported from one place to another whenever you need your welder outside the workshop or home.

Very easy to set up and use, a powerful non-complex tool that can be handled by beginners and DIYs. This is simply a flux core welder that feeds through the cored wire, smooth flux, this continues throughout the welding process without difficulty.

As an inverter-based machine, its energy consumption is lower than others, but it generates more currents, reduces energy consumption by up to 25%. The product comes with a one-year manufacturer guarantee.

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Out of 100

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  • Inverter-based transformer
  • Reduced power consumption, generates more stable currents
  • Reduced weld puddles, spikes and ripple effect
  • Easy setup and function
  • Portable design
  • Beginner and professional use


  • The wired core is all plastic
  • Not for other uses except as a flux core welder


The significance of the flux core welder cannot be overemphasized. The way it simplifies the process of welding and makes welding a fun and easier task to do is impressive. Nothing beats being able to get things done accurately with no form of distraction.

So whether you are a beginner, a semi-professional or an expert in the field, when you have the best flux welder, it will in no little way make your welding experience a remarkable one.

With the flux core welders that we talked about in this buying guide, you can get on with your welding works even as an amateur, it’s as simple as that. Go on, make your purchase and have the best moments welding on.