When it comes to floor making, only the best builders have the right tools to perform such chores. They need the best wet tile saw that is the only tool to give you a precise cut for any tile dimension. No matter where you reside in the world, tiles are the most commonly used structural solutions for floors, bathrooms, and kitchens.

They have a smooth surface that doesn’t absorb water and are extremely easy to clean with a wet cloth. The best wet tile saw makes sure there is always water on the working surface.

That happens because cutting tiles may give you increased temperatures that affect your eyes and skin. Not to mention that an elevated temperature would also be destructive for the tile itself.

However, when ordering online, the best wet tile saw you need to make sure it has some special features. That’s the only way to be sure that tiles are going to be cut at the right dimensions and give you the right visual and structural effects. Let’s see the various features of the best wet tile saw models available now online and ensure you will have the right guidance when you finally place an order.

Comparison Table Of Best Wet Tile Saw In 2021:

Motor Horsepower

The motor horsepower would be the alpha and the omega in the new best wet tile saw you would buy. Over there, you can find many classifications in terms of power and torque of the motor. We have identified two main classifications regarding horsepower that give a totally different effect to craftsmen who want to make a difference when cutting their tiles.

  • Over 1.5 HP

These are some of the most powerful tools you will ever find. They have a brushless motor that is usually around 2HP and is more effective and potent than anything else you have seen so far. More than 1.5HP means that the wet tile saw can easily cut any type of tile without extra effort and no matter its thickness. However, with these tile saws, you need to be extra careful about your integrity since they are dangerous to compromise your fingers.

  • Less than 1.5 HP

These are the standard types of the best wet tile saw models that are widely available online. They have exceptional tile cutting features, but they need more time and precision to cut larger and thicker tiles. They are safer than the others but still require a lot of attention from users.

Type of Blade

Another major classification for the best wet tile saw models would refer to the type of blade. Even though most of them are made from carbon fibers and stainless steel, some are more powerful than others. Here are the main divisions:

  • Standard

The standard blades are easy to cut tiles and give a unanimous cut no matter the power you exert on the tile. They are less durable to pressure and friction and need more time when cutting larger and thicker tiles.

  • Diamond Powder Coated

If you are looking for the best DIY tile saw, you would probably have introduced to the diamond powder-coated blades. These are much less affordable than the standard ones, but the diamond coating makes them a lot more powerful and durable. You can virtually cut any type of tile in less time than usual.

Saw Size

Every best handheld tile saw needs to have the right size to cut the tiles properly. Regarding the size, you can find many variations according to the tile sizes you are going to use. Don’t expect the best wet tile saw to be the same for 1.20-meter tiles as with the 0.3-meter ones. It’s important to know the average tile size you will use and have the right tile cutter for them.

Tile Size

The tile size is another important feature for the best small tile saw you are still thinking of buying online. Today you can find the best wet tile saw for any size of tiles. Most craftsmen have more than one tile saws to ensure the best cutting, no matter the size.


It’s necessary to enjoy your life when cutting tiles. That’s why comfort has been one of the premium features to check when you are looking for a new best wet tile saw. Comfort has to do with convenient foamy material on the handles and a special way to touch and release the power buttons. Comfort comes together with safety, and all the safest tile saws are there to give you a detailed manual to check all the features at a glance.


Finally, most manufacturers give up to two years of limited guarantee for their best wet tile saw models. Every year of guarantee above that limit may give you quite an incentive to buy the device.

Tips to know when buying the best wet tile saw

Here are some useful tips to know when you are about to buy the best tile saw you saw online:

Ensure that all safety features are approved

It is necessary to have the safest tile saw of all times serving your needs.

Try to have as much practice as you can

No matter how experienced you are in tile cutting, practice will always make you a better worker.

Choose the tile saw that protects your ears and eyes

The newest wet tile saws have glasses and ear tubs to protect your eyes and ears when cutting tiles. Never underestimate that type of protection since accidents are just around the corner.

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Brand: SKIL

1 SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

SKIL has been one of the most reputable tile saw companies in the world. It has been producing precision tools for every craftsman that deals with construction. The current model is made to address the needs of tile cutting that needs more precision and power than any other chore in the construction business.

It can work on all power networks and weigh less than 20 pounds giving you the chance to carry it with you easily when going for a remote job. The tabletop is made from stainless steel to ensure higher quality and give you more protection against rust and corrosion.

The rip fence is adjustable and has a miter gauge to make sure you always have the right measurements. That gives you the chance to spoil fewer tiles that could be extremely expensive for the homeowner.

The bevel cuts tile from zero to 45 degrees giving you extreme freedom in finding the right way to deal with any kind of tiles. Finally, a cooling water reservoir is close to the blade to ensure that all the tile cutting has been performed without sparkles and an increase in the local temperature.

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    Out of 100

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    • It only comes with an Amperage of 4.2 that is quite safe for users.
    • There is a detailed manual coming with it to know all features.
    • It can cut any type of tile, no matter the thickness and quality.


    • It only comes in red and silver colors that may not benefit all users.

    Leegol Electric 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

    Brand: Leegol Electric

    2 Leegol Electric 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

    Leegol has been one of the newest companies in the block of tile cutting. That is a marvelous development since competition could make prices fall and increase the quality for all workers dealing with construction.

    The current model weighs less than 15 pounds and is easy to carry it with you when you have to perform tile cutting in distant locations.

    It comes with many accessories and gives you a hard case to place it inside when done. The handles are made from soft and foamy material to offer you the best grip you have ever experienced.

    Its blade is coated with diamond powder to give you fast and precise cuts for all the types of tiles you may have available.

    It comes with a coated electric wire that is long enough to allow you to work remotely and makes sure there is no risk for a short circuit. It’s one of the few models that comes with a money-back guarantee satisfying all the customers who have opted for buying it. The motor may work at 3550 RPM that gives a massive torque, and can cut any type of tile no matter its thickness.

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    • There is a chrome-plated table top for increased efficiency.
    • The same table tilts to up to 45 degrees for the perfect cut.
    • There is a blade cooling water reservoir to keep temperatures low.
    • It’s fully portable and easy to work wet.


    • There are not as many spare parts in case of malfunction compared to other models.

    PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw (PCE980)


    3 PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw (PCE980)

    What can we say for Porter Cable company? It has been one of the few to support the tile cutting business even when the whole procedure was getting performed without an electric motor. Today this wet blade tile saw can give you a precision and quick cut to any kind of tiles, minimizing the time you spend preparing the tiles to stick on the floor.

    It has a brushless motor close to 1.5HP and gives a higher RMP to ensure that all tile cuts are done to the fullest extent and detail. The stainless steel plate is always there to give you a stable background to work without getting affected by water and humidity. 

     You always have the chance to know more about the wet tile saw through reading the detailed manual coming with it. Users also have the chance to cut any type of tile they have available, no matter the length and thickness.

    It is quite portable and weighs less than other models in the same class. The water that cooled down the blade can be easily drained from the bottom when you are done with your work. The diamond blade can be easily removed and replaced in case of clogging. 

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    • Fast and reliable cutting.
    • Remote character.
    • It comes with a stainless steel robust fixed deck.


    • It is less affordable than other models in the same category.

    DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-Inch (D24000S)

    Brand: Dewalt

    4 DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand

    DEWALT has been the synonym of quality and effectiveness when it comes down to the construction works tools. It has been colored yellow and black to predispose the workers to work efficiently and without fear.

    The diamond-coated blades could cut any type of tiles no matter the quality and thickness. There are side miter blades to give you precise measurements and ensure you always spoil fewer tiles to perform your tasks. The working surface is made from stainless steel to ensure that water will never harm (rust or corrode).  

    Even though it is advertised to be good for remote work, it weighs 56 pounds that require at least two workers to move it around.

    It has a long power cord to ensure the remote character of that device. It comes with a compact saw frame to make sure that commuting it from one place to the other will never compromise the various parts.

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    • It can be stood alone and create your personal workspace.
    • There are rear and side water attachments to cool the blade.
    • The dual water side nozzled can cover the total blade surface.
    • Every type of tile could get cut to the right size.


    • It cannot easily be shipped worldwide.

    SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

    Brand: Skil

    5 SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System

    SKIL has been here to present the world crafting community with one of the best wet tile saws that have been ever marketed. The present model is corded electric and works at almost 1 HP that is more than enough for 99% of tiles you are going to use throughout your career.

    The water channels give you more cooling effects and make you more pleased when cutting harder and thicker tiles. The diamond blades are there to give you precision when cutting, and they are also easy to remove and replace when they are worn off.

    There is also an easy water drain to remove water with dust and debris when you are done working.

    You also have a slope cut working surface that can give you angles up to 45 degrees to perform the cutting work a lot easier and smoother. It’s a lightweight device that is easy to carry with you when working remotely.

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    • The adjustable rip fence is there to give you a precise working surface.
    • You have a stainless steel plate to ensure no rust and corrosion would ever deal with cutting quality.
    • All types of tiles can be cut in this saw with extreme ease and safety.
    • It operates at 3600RPM that is a massive measurement for such tools.


    • There is no guarantee scheme coming from the manufacturer.

    DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, High Capacity


    6 Official ROTORAZER Compact Circular Saw

    DEWALT has finally made it easy to present one of the complete wet tile saws you have ever seen. It’s the one with an automatic water reservoir where you can cool down the blades and reduce your exposure to dust and debris.

    There are always spare blades coming with the device. All the blades are diamond-coated to ensure the proper cutting performance and give you the chance to replace them if they are worn out easily.

    The plate is made from stainless steel that is a robust and durable material being there to offer you extreme anti-rust qualities since water is always present when cutting tiles.

    You can cut any type of tile, no matter the size and thickness. The device weighs close to 91 pounds and has several legs to get a stable touch to the ground. When you are done, you may place it in its hard case and remove it from the workplace with care. 

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    • There is a modular water tray system for extreme ease.
    • The blades have a precise cut to ensure no tile spoiling.
    • It comes with a cutline indicator that is useful when cutting larger tiles.
    • The saw has some exceptional cross-cut capacities.


    • It is heavier to move and needs two persons to carry it effectively.